Highly individualized

In thin patients there is not enough volume to use the abdomen (DIEP flap) for natural tissue breast reconstruction. Unfortunately, most thin women in UK will be offered implant-based breast reconstruction. Implants are associated with a variety of short-term and long-term complications, which may necessitate their removal or revision surgeries. However, new techniques and concepts to specifically help skinny women have been invented only recently. These include the use of inner thigh (PAP flap), outer thigh (LTP flap) and ‘stacked flaps’. Mr Kosutic is one of the few plastic surgeons in UK, who offers these techniques to thin women to provide natural tissue breast reconstruction and avoid implants, as he has been taught by their inventors, dr Robert Allen and dr Joshua Levine (New York). These surgeries are made faster, safer and more reliable with advanced imaging Mr Kosutic and his team will use in planning your procedure to reduce complications to a minimum. Prior to organising surgery, Mr Kosutic will assess the blood supply to various body areas to advise which one would be the most suitable option for each individual patient. Decision on where to harvest the tissue for your breast reconstruction is therefore highly individualized and can be tailored to both your own body and your choice. Mr Kosutic will discuss all potential options in great detail so patient is fully informed and reassured before decision on surgery.





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