I hope you don’t mind me emailing you rather than writing in but I would just personally like you to know how grateful I am for the care shown to my husband by one of your very skilful surgeons, Mr Kosutic.

In October last year my husband had a malignant sarcoma removed from his leg at the MRI which after receiving radiotherapy became infected with an abscess when he was then admitted to the Christie hospital in February for emergency surgery to remove it. Surgery was performed by Mr Kosutic who I cannot praise and thank enough due to the wonderful surgical skills shown which managed to save not only my husbands leg but possibly his life. Mr K worked devotedly late into the night with the theatre team in order to do this and I have already acknowledged to him and his team how grateful myself and my husband Henry are to him by performing this.

Since the operation in February, Henry has continued to be under the care of Mr K attending the Christie outpatient clinic fortnightly to have his wound renewed and redressed before It was felt healed enough to perform a skin graft on it. Two weeks ago after 7 months of treatment this was finally performed and once again I cannot thank Mr K and his team enough.  I know If my husband were able to send an email to yourselves himself of how grateful he is he would but unfortunately Henry has dementia therefore cannot do this personally.  Despite Henry’s dementia Mr K showed utmost respect towards my Henry by copy rolex day date m128239 0019 rolex calibre 2836 2813 mens aiming to seek his opinion and consent and involved Henry in all decisions relating to his care at all times, a rarity often overlooked by health professionals with people with dementia. Whilst Henry may not have fully understood the procedures, Mr K maintained Henry’s  dignity and personhood by explaining the procedures in a way Henry could understand and despite his dementia treated him with the utmost respect and both Henry and myself cannot thank him enough for taking the time to value him as a person rather than just a person with dementia. Whilst Mr K has proven to be a very highly skilled surgeon in his field he also highlighted his compassion by looking beyond Henry’s  physical needs and this is what has left the biggest impression on me as I consider this approach to be often missing from within care in the NHS these days.

Whilst I have already expressed sincere thanks to Mr K and all his team who have all been fabulous and I throughout his treatment I felt I had an obligation to inform the managers at the Christie to recognise what they have done for my husband. It is not always easy to care for people with dementia but all staff have been a credit to the Christie and the NHS and the skills and dedication in particular of Mr K who worked late into  the night going that extra mile to save my husbands leg and no his doubt life I feel should be acknowledged. I feel as a society these days we are always too quick to criticise NHS care but are never quick enough to compliment it when credit is due. Therefore I feel it is my duty to say you should be very proud of the skills, care and compassionate attitudes shown by your staff at the Christie.