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Early-stage lymphedema, especially involving upper limb, can be successfully treated with Lympho-Venous Anastomosis (LVA). Technique introduced by Koshima in 1996, also known as super-microsurgery, involves connecting lymphatic vessels less then 0.8mm in diameter to small superficial veins under the skin. Procedure, which can be performed as a day-case, requires a high-resolution microscope, super-fine microsurgical instruments and sutures as well as super-microsurgical skills. Mr Kosutic has been trained in this technique by prof. Cheng, a pioneer in microsurgical treatment for Lymphoedema from Taiwan as well as prof. Masia from Barcelona. Procedure, performed through a 2-3cm small skin incision leaves minimal scars and can reduce the volume of Lymphoedema affected extremity up to 61% in patients with early onset and early stage lymphedema.




lympho-venous anastomosis

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