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Vascularized lymph node transfer is at the forefront of surgical treatment for lymphedema and is the treatment of choice for patients with stage II, III and IV Lymphoedema without significant skin changes or multiple episodes of cellulitis. Technique involves harvest of lymph nodes with their blood supply and their transfer into Lymphoedema affected upper or lower limb. In order for the transplanted flap of tissue to survive, a blood supply will be reconnected under high-resolution microscope using special microsurgical instruments and skills. Mr Kosutic is the only plastic surgeon in UK that has been trained in these techniques by prof. Ming-Huei Cheng, a pioneer in microsurgical free lymph node transfer procedures. Once transplanted, lymph nodes will act as a sponge to collect excess fluid and will reduce the volume of Lymphoedema-affected extremity permanently-without the need to wear compressive garments any more.

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